Admob is a mobile advertising platform that allows developers to earn money by showcasing ads in their mobile apps. The platform is owned by Google and is one of the most popular ways for mobile app developers to monetize their apps.

The amount of money that can be earned through Admob depends on various factors, such as the number of users, the type of app, and the location of the users.

1. Number of Users:

One of the most important factors that can impact earnings is the number of users an app has. Apps with a large user base have the potential to earn more money than those with a smaller user base. This is because more users mean more opportunities to display ads and generate revenue.

2. Type of Apps:

Another important factor that can impact earnings is the type of app. Apps that are highly engaging and have a lot of user interactions tend to generate more revenue than those that are less engaging. This is because highly engaging apps tend to have longer session times, which means more opportunities to display ads.

3. Location of Users:

The location of the users can also impact earnings. Ad mob pays different rates for ads depending on the location of the user. For example, users in the United States may generate more revenue per click than users in other countries. This is because advertisers are willing to pay more to reach users in high-paying countries.

Developers can also increase their earnings by using Ad mob’s mediation feature, which allows them to display ads from multiple ad networks. This can help to increase the number of ads that are displayed to the user, which can lead to higher earnings. The amount of money earned by an app can vary widely. Some apps may earn only a few dollars per day, while others can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day. The key to earning money through Admob is to have a large user base and to display high-quality ads that are relevant to the user.


In conclusion, Admob is one of the popular mobile advertising platforms. The amount of money that can be earned through Admob depends on various factors discussed above. By having a large user base, displaying high-quality ads, using mediation, and targeting users in high-paying countries, developers can increase their earnings and generate more revenue from their apps.