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An outstanding UI is the result of a deep understanding of the UX.This improves conversion, self-service, and consumer engagement, resulting in more leads and customers.

Web Development

When it comes to web apps, we believe in building engaging user experiences. With the experience of delivering what the client wants. Take your business online with smart tools to boost sales and expand audience.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are vital for your business to expand. Research shows people prefer having application then to visit webpage, it provides smashing and seamless experience. Get your business up on both Android and IOS native platforms.


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We believe that over the next 10 years, there will be enormous combination among traditional and computerized world - both in services we deliver and products we make. This will prompt interruption in plans of action, where products transform into service and value shifts to platforms and data. Our vision is to participate in this value creation as service provider.

The main aim of SMC is to provide effective and innovative IT and Software Solutions to the clients. It is a leading software house that was established in April 2017. The Company provides creative and unique services mainly in software development, web design and development, web security, desktop applications, iOS applications, and android applications.


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Our Working Process To Help Your Boost Your Business

Idea & Analysis Gathering

Identifying the problem to be solved and gathering information about the requirements, goals, and constraints.

Designing & Developing

Creating a detailed plan for the project and implementing it. Designing the software architecture, creating a user interface, and developing the software code.

Testing & Launching

Testing the software to ensure it meets the requirements and is free of errors. creating test cases, executing them, and fixing any issues that arise. Once the software is fully tested, it can be launched and deployed to production.




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